About Us

The Grandeur is an emerging Saudi company that specializes in luxury dining franchise management. The Grandeur aims to bring the world's most extravagant dining establishments to the Kingdom, utilizing the unique investment opportunities in the thriving food services sector in the Kingdom. The Grandeur is always looking forward to collaborate with customers who require support in driving new brand relationships. Our Partnerships team offers a unique service to support yours in developing a partnership strategy, a go-to-market sales plan and the right targeting methodology. At The Grandeur, we believe that dining out involves more than just food; it is an integrated whole experience. From the ambiance to the pace of the meal to the way that your dishes are plated and delivered to the table. Therefore, we are keen on attention to details, perfect execution, and exceptional services.


The Grandeur’s vision is to become the leading company and the go-to brand for fine dining operators across the globe, attaining the optimal customers satisfactions. Our mission is to create a luxury-dining experience that is adventurous, exotic and memorable to the millennial market in SAUDI ARABIA.


People are becoming more and more aware of diversified international tastes and varieties of foods. Therefore, our main goal at The Grandeur is to achieve the optimal customer satisfaction


Food Franchising is an attractive option for companies seeking great investment opportunities. The potential of food franchising is unprecedented and very promising. Join The Grandeur and ultimately exploit your investment!


Ready to become our partner and mutually grow towards more success and achieve unparalleled huge targets? Join us now.


Join us for a Grandeur dining experience. Enjoy signature dishes, a soothing atmosphere, and attentive personal service.


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